Lake Shore Drives: a quick trip through all of the latest Bulls news

This week marks the start of the most important month on the NBA calendar.

The conference finals are set to begin tonight in Oakland. Together the final four teams remaining feature some of the most talented, popular and polarizing players in the league. Tomorrow night’s NBA Draft Lottery could change the fate of a few of the franchises involved for the next decade.

With all this excitement set to kick off in just a few hours Let’s-Be-Reason-a-Bull is here to help Bulls fans focus on the fun and important action from the NBA. The following is a recap with links, to all of the best Bulls news over the last few days.

We begin with Mr. Jimmy Butler: the source of most Bulls news

Jimmy Butler was able to take in the Draft Combine alongside some familiar faces, both new and old. Does this mean he will stay in Chicago? He will, and this has nothing to do with it, but the drama makes the offseason much more fun to talk about.

Fred Hoiberg and Butler, on solid ground. Their relationship is very important for both parties. A team’s best player needs to be able to be coached, and there has to be mutual respect between both men in order to win at a high level. Caution to those that think otherwise.

An extremely angry and emotional takedown of Bulls offseason and future plans, all sparked by the Bulls announcement that Butler will represent the team at the Draft Lottery. Scorching hot takes, read with caution.

Can Butler make Team USA for the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. Butler is facing tough competition at his position, and will have to get lucky in order to make the 12-man roster. And maybe it would be best for Butler and the Bulls if his services aren’t needed until 2020.

Many NBA players never get the chance to work as a studio analyst after their playing careers are over, Butler will make his debut as he enters the prime of his.

NBA Draft Speculation

Six players the Bulls could potentially draft. This diverse group features many positions, ages and geographical origins. It helps to demonstrate, not only the massive the reach of the NBA, but how many holes the Bulls need to fill.

If the Bulls want to look for a blueprint of how to rebuild their roster in order to compete at the highest level, they should look at the four teams still playing. Or have one of their current players or draft picks turn into a top-5 player in the league. Both are needed to win a championship.

The odds of where the Bulls will draft as it stands before Tuesday’s draft lottery. It could happen (thinking of Angels in the Outfield).

Salary Cap: understand it

The NBA salary cap is complex. Here is a simple breakdown of the Bulls’ cap situation. Please read this, simple mathematics go a long way.

Free Agency: a lot of needs, fewer solutions 

Forbes understands money and investments, but do they know basketball? They broke down potential offseason free agent acquisitions. Please stay far away from Dwight Howard, and just let Pau Gasol go enjoy the opera in another major metropolitan area.

The Bulls need to acquire more 3-point shooting, rim protection, defensive rebounding and communication majors. Some of these are true.  However, the Bulls should strive for all four.

Free agent point guards: there are a lot, even fewer for the Bulls to really consider. On the bright side, the Bulls know who to stay away from in free agency, or do they?

Lighthearted News:

In some rare lighthearted news, Derrick Rose and his son PJ threw out the first pitch at Wrigley Field this weekend. It was fun, and conjures up feelings of when he really owned this city.

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