The mysterious case of Bobby Portis’ Twitter feed

Bobby Portis has the potential to be a good NBA player, but his Twitter feed scares me.

We can all look past his indiscretions, long before he was drafted by the Bulls. (Word of advice for young people who are trying to go into any professional field later in life: don’t tweet extremely negative things about people who are excelling in your desired field).

Portis is a young and talented player who the Bulls are very high on. After a stellar preseason, many clamored to get him playing time. Aside from his sporadic play as a rookie, his retweeting of haters, and cryptic tweets about a range of subjects, is very alarming.

He has a lot of potential and he works very hard on the court. His whole feed is not egregious, but enough of it is.

This Storify post is here to let you decide, what exactly is going on with crazy eyes?

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