Lake Shore Drives: Bulls offseason dreams

With the NBA Finals kicking off last night, and the hangover from the basketball party that was the Western Conference Finals still lingering, it is easy to forget how much great Bulls news is out there. Let’s Be Reason-a-Bull is here to help…

We begin with everyone’s favorite topic: offseason speculation

Bulls fans are worried about the future of the center position in Chicago, so they want to draft one. But should they? Chicago might already have a young big man on its roster who is ready to shine next season. And it might not be who you think.

There is no such thing as a dream offseason for most NBA teams. Here is what the Bulls’ offseason would look like if they had theirs. It was all a dream… and not the best one.

Five players the Bulls should target in the draft: a very point guard-heavy list. I am slowly starting to reconsider drafting a point guard.

He is playing in the NBA Finals. He would fill a vital role for the Bulls. And he will soon be a very coveted free agent. Here is a great post about why the Bulls should stay away from Harrison Barnes. I couldn’t agree more.

A glimmer of hope?

Of all the teams in the Eastern Conference who didn’t make the playoffs, who does Ric Bucher think can turn it around quickly? You might not have guessed it, but it is the Chicago Bulls. A voice of reason? I think so.


Pau Gasol loves wearing his Spanish national team jersey. Yet, the worldly center is seriously considering skipping the Rio Olympics because of concerns about the Zika virus. If he is willing to miss playing for the team and country he loves for perhaps the final time, how safe can other athletes be this summer?

Great read about Steven Kerr’s unlikely NBA journey. He really has done it all.

A fan favorite wants to be your friend too.

Superstar Watch

We know Derrick Rose is still one of the most famous athletes in the world. But did you know he is still one of the most fashionable?

Tim Grover is a respected trainer of NBA stars like MJ and Dwyane Wade, and he thinks Rose can still improve his game. In a recent interview, he throws a lot of shots at the Bulls’ training staff for the role they might have played in Rose’s injury-filled career. I don’t know how much truth there is to this, but I do hope he’s right about Rose’s future.

Michael Jordan hasn’t played basketball in years, but his shoes are still king. Now FC Barcelona’s Neymar is teaming up with Jordan Brand on their first-ever soccer cleat.

We end our Friday trip through all of the latest Bulls news with Mr. Hollywood himself

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